Jasmine’s Magic Parties

Imaginative Magical Entertainment since 2001
Jasmine the magician

Looking to book a Children’s Magician?

Reasons to book Jasmine:

  • Stress-free party guaranteed!
  • Wonderful magic show with live white rabbit, riotous balloons and fun mini-disco
  • Member of the Magic Circle
  • Age-Appropriate Shows for Parties, Nurseries & Schools
  • Magic Workshops for older children
  • PLI and Enhanced DBS
Happy clients include: corporates and celebrities, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Deloitte, Geri Halliwell, Gwyneth Paltrow and 10 Downing Street

I’ve had bookings because Kate Moss told people that Gwyneth Paltrow recommended me to her (shameless name-dropping I know).

‘terrific…, enthralling and entrancing a noisy group of about fourteen sugar crazed little girls. All the mums told me their girls had a wonderful time, all my husband and I had to do was take pictures and pick up bits of cake from the floor.’ Jane

‘Thank you for your performance The kids (and adults!) really enjoyed it! You have a very good way with children, some of whom can become a bit over excited!!Leona

‘Every child had a fabulous time. All the parents couldn't believe how you really captured the children's imagination and attention. My daughter felt so special but more importantly every child also felt really special.’ Bukola